Pastors & Staff

Pastor Marty and Angela Baldwin

Lead Pastors

Pastors Marty and Angela Baldwin are the Lead Pastors at Summit Restoration Church. They have been in ministry in some form or capacity since 1993: Ranging from children's pastors, youth pastors, worship leaders, associate pastors, as well as senior pastors throughout many ministries. 
Pastors Marty and Angela Baldwin have always had a burning desire to see the harvest come home, to experience prodigals being restored, to see people's vision align with God's truth, and to experience the true life changing power and restoration of the Holy Spirit. 
The attributes that best describe our Pastors in short would be: "Truly living lives that look like Jesus with skin on." 
Our Pastors' dedication to our church and families don't just happen on Sundays. They devote lots of time into leadership development; ensuring that they strengthen and equip the upcoming generations, they are always looking for new ways to grow our church family and communities in discipleship and seeing the lost saved, and they live to see true Kingdom living and Koinonia take place within our church and the families that join us each and every week. . They have a strong  desire to lead our church  where biblical views are embraced and encouraged, with members who care about the needs of those around them and who want to connect others to the body of Christ, as well as embracing the anointing power of the Holy Spirit throughout each and every one of our services.

Our Pastors have been married for 30 years and they currently have four children, and we are honored to be able to have them as our Pastors.

Pastor Bridgette 

Young Adult/Youth Pastor & Worship Pastor

Bridgette Baldwin, also known as B to our church family, is our Worship and College/Career Pastor.
Bridgette graduated from Church of the Highlands Ministry College in 2021 with a certificate in Pastoral Leadership. 
The attributes that best describe Bridgette is her love and affection for the word and her heart for servanthood. She loves teaching the word, looks for every opportunity to be a blessing to people around her and has a tremendous heart for the harvest. 
Bridgette's desire is to always live a laid down life, fully surrendered to God, and one that mirrors the life of an heir of Christ. She hopes to be able to use her life experience to minister to, reach out to, and help turn the hearts of the lost to the Father.  

Cody and Courtney McCormick

Kierra's Hope Directors

Cody and Courtney McCormick are the directors of our Kierra's Hope ministry at Summit Restoration Church.  They have a heart for people.  Their compassion is immeasurable and we are so honored to have them do life with us;  running hand in hand to make an impact on the lives of people in the community around us.  Cody and Courtney live their lives to truly walk out Kierra's Hope's mission statement: "When we find a need, we will meet it; when we find a hurt, we will heal it; by doing small things with great love, thereby changing our community and county." 

Carla Proctor

Business Administrator

Carla has been serving alongside Pastors Marty and Angela Baldwin since 2008. She has served in several different capacities over the years such as children's leader, youth leader, and drama director. She currently holds the position of Business Administrator at Summit Restoration Church.  Having Carla maintaining the business side of the church is a great addition to our ministry team.  Not only is her diligence and integrity for her position held at a high esteem but also her love for our church, her passion to see the lost saved, and her unwavering loyalty and dedication to the message of the kingdom is encouraging to the generations to come.